HealthLab -
Your Personal Dietitian
Healthlab is all you need to achieve your maximum mental and physical performance, drop some weight with no need to count calories.
Our features
Choose from 120 dietitian-approved recipes that fit a range of dietary needs or submit your own meals with a photo for your digital dietitian to review.
Meal Plan
Diverse meal plans catered to satisfy your body's needs. You'll never be bored
Digital Dietitian
Your meals will be analyzed for 10 different criteria. Your daily and weekly reports will suggest ways to achieve your goals faster
Food Recognition
Computer vision feature helps you track your own meals and can identify an extensive list of ingredients
No Calorie Count
No need to worry anymore about calorie counting to achieve your goals
All our meal plans are free from unhealthy ingredients and suggest alternatives to wheat flour, commercial oils and sugar.
Auto-Shopping List
Based on the meals you choose, Healthlab will generate a shopping list for all the required ingredients
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Healthlab is an investment in you. You'll feel your mental and physical best!